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Mar. 23rd, 2005   3:51pm
Trav, i am glad to know why we were disconnectedI didnt get the chance to let you know i love you and am missing you very muchI try to just hope to the 8th of aprilit seems to far away. I will try to explain the private chat board to you on phone.  Also, the channels went down on tv.  what is the name of that friend of yours.  the kids are begging to go to grandma’s to watch t.v. Boy, they have it hard!  Also, i need your password to your email when you call, this will allow me to set up a gooogle accout. Mandi sent the invitation to your address.  I really miss you.  I treasured hearing your voice tuesday nite.  Earlier in the evening i had called your cell phone just to hear that boring message, and it was difficult knowing i coundnt leave a message.  I am spoiled to calling you at any whim, and you thought i was just calling to bother you.  I am addictied to you.   Oh Well, we are just another love story in a world of many.  Take care of yourself, I am praying for a safe and timely trip home.  Also protection while you are there.   Have fun experiencing life in japanI may never let you go back, at least not without you having to drag me off your leg, so you can get on the airplane.  Luv ya. sharon;)
sharon (

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    Travis Linzy: Japan (Mar. 21st, 2005   8:12pm)

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