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online phpbible
Apr. 1st, 2006   12:44am

Well it took a bit of research through your links to find a way to contact you, nevertheless here we are... My wife and I are very much interested in the phpbible that you have posted for download at phpbible.org and weíve installed it on our site along side a few other html bibles we still will use just for additional version cross reference... unless we can get more bibles for this phpbible.  The thing we canít figure out is if itís possible to get a listing of only the books of the bible so that we can display it as the main page when you go to the bible page... otherwise I suppose Iíll be creating links to each of the books that link to the database. 

Any help you can offer would be great!  Weíre hoping to finish our upgrades to our site including our bible and begin bible studies online with our friends and family, and quite possibly reach some new surfers.

Robert and Aissa
Let Go, and Let God

Robert and Aissa McCorkle (

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    Robert and Aissa McCorkle: online phpbible (Apr. 1st, 2006   12:44am)

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