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Is there anyway to chat to you online please?
May. 15th, 2006   5:51am


Again thanxz, after just reading your what you wrote on the KJV being a better translation and many of the more modern ones being.... (my words Glossy, plastic wrapped).

I agree and why I wanted A KJV for my site, ’even’ the NKJV is  a mess on that point...oO(I will explain, how can no man be your teacher or rabbi, then I am? 


Not as they have done in modern ones and, O=The as in more modern greek, yet making no sense in what was being said, as it is a direct contradiction of the principle being stated.) 

So thanxz..... anyway

I need to chat with you in person real time....I have redone the whole phpbible system for my site as module, fixed tons of errors with in it, as our system gives PHP,  mysql debug feedback whilst viewing.

So I would like to give you the fixed files, discuss where the errors are and how to fix many of these.

Also to discuss further development of the Bible system within Xoops, and asking you for permission to do so.


Also then I can explain a little of whom I am and how we can help each other...

God bless you

Peace AN Love B WITH U an you family

wizanda (

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