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re: Bible Dictionary in MySQL Format
May. 13th, 2004   12:03pm
You mean like Eastonís Bible Dictionary, King James Dictionary, Naveís Topical Bible or Smithís Bible Dictionary?

Itís on my list to compile one or more into a mySQL datbase. Doing so isnít really that hard. I have them in text format and just need to process them. But right now Iím working on adding a daily reading function top phpBible.org and a few other tweaks. I am still trying to decide the best way to impliment one or more of the dictionaries on the site.

I could probably get it done in just a few days, but I want to get these other steps done first. Check back here or at phpBible.org (under version history) to see where Iím at.

I also have Geneva Bible Translation Notes, Thompson Chain Topics, R. A. Torreyís New Topical Textbook as well as several commentaries but theyíre in some kind of czz/bzz format and I donít know how to decode it, otherwise I could put them in a mySQL database as well (well probably not the commentaries)
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