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re: re: re: phpBible
Jun. 1st, 2004   11:29pm

The line:


(in _template_main.htm) controls the horizontal position of the IE popup DIV. The DIVís width is 307 so rewriting the line as:


will center it.  The two shadow DIVs lineup using the same variable. To shorten the DIVs change í height:413;í to whatever height will best fit in the window. Make sure you change it in all three DIVs.

I canít tell that thereís really much of a server load. I run it on my own computer and there doesnít seem to be much of a load. I have dozens of my own sites hosted on the same host and they all seem to work fine. Iíve tried to minimize the server load as much as possible. Thatís the reason for the wordcount file, which relieves the db of repeated searches simply to determine the number of entries in a search. I always script with minimizing server load as one of the main objectives.

I also have pgpBB2 running on both my home computer as well as my host, and thereís never been any problem.

Danny Carlton (

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