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Another thing
Jun. 2nd, 2004   9:58am

At the bottom of the index.php script (or whatever youíve named it) are some commented lines:

#$html_template=str_replace(í{{SPEED}}í, "<center><font size=2>
#  $predbspeed seconds before query<br>
#  mySQL (count total) took $dbspeed0 seconds<br>
#  mySQL (fetch verses) took $dbspeed seconds<br>
#  remaining time took $remaining_time seconds<br>
#  page processed in $speed seconds<br>
#</font></center>", $html_template);

Uncomment them (remove the #ís) and as long as the {{SPEED}} marker hasnít been removed from the _template_main.htm file, you can view the source of the page to see the speed the various stages of the script take.

Change <!-- {{SPEED}} --> to  {{SPEED}} in the _template_main.htm file, and the information will be displayed at the bottom of the results page. This will give you an idea of the server usage for an individual search. Use various types of keywords (love, love*, love him, "love him", "I say unto you") to see how the script responds to these. Youíll notice a difference between the first search, and the subsequent pages of that search as the "count total" is stored in the wordcount file, and referenced from there rather than from the database.

Danny Carlton (

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