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re: re: Install Timing out
Jun. 28th, 2004   1:04am

That worked great I was able to install the database just fine! thank you so much! however I still have a problem. I had to setup the confige file on my own. When I clicked on the install.php to start the set up, the page just refreshed nothing happend. I thought it just must be a prob with the page, so I looked at what it was trying to write to the config file and the admin.data file and put it in there myself. After you told me how to increase the time limit I was able to get the database set up. but now Iím back to the same problem. When I enter in a search word and click go the page just refeshes, nothing happends. Iím very new to the php world. What could I be missing? thank you

God bless you for this work you are doing.

Daniel Lamb (

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