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customizing lexicon
Dec. 30th, 2004   5:06am

Hello, first i want to say this is thee best bible script i have ever seen, thanks for your time and effort.

I am working on customizing how the script works. i want to have the lexicon and the bible all on the same page, but i am having trouble with how IE displays the definitions. IE uses the div_lex and firefox, netscape show a popup i believe. i have the firefox version working which should mean netscape works too, but IE i cant get to act like the other browsers???

here is a early testing sample www.ywammissionaries.org/webhosting then click on bible next to content. IE users wont be able to tell what i am trying to do but try using firefox, or netscape.

thanks again and let me know any ideas on how to get IE to work, I/m sure its very simple but i know code very very little and have spent hours with trial and error, a lot of trials and a lot of errors... so some help would be appreciated.

Oh yeah by the way the site is using Mambo.

Chad Smith

Chad Smith (

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