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re: re: re: re: customizing lexicon
Jan. 4th, 2005   6:40am

Really nice layout. I like it.

There are some things that could be worked on. Where you have "Definition" and "Definition 2" are actually the definitions from the IPDL (Internet Public Domain Lexicon) and Strongís respectively. You should note that, especially Strongís.

I like how it loads with the word search for "wisdom". Thatís cool.

When you click on the help links it sends the "opener" page page to your main page. I know that popups without links work on Netscape, Opera and FireFox because I use them at my site http://SpelChek.com. Check the code out there to see how I did it.

At first I thought the definition lookup was sending the passage back to Genesis, then I realized it was actually doing a word search of that word. Thatís handy except since youíre using javascript to change the URL, there is no "back" page, and the user cannot return to his original word/passage search. It is a neat idea, it just needs to be done to maximize the efforts of the user.

Also while the IPD Lexicon is looking up the Hebrew word, the Strongís is displaying the Greek. You omitted the initial í0í of the definition numbers for the Strongís.

According to TheCounter.comís December 2004 stats (of over 45,000,000 web users), 29% are using 800 width resolution, so if you make your page acessible to only those with 1024 or more, youíre cutting off a significant portion.

Your main search link (for the site) looks as if itís another search link for the Bible Search portion. You might want to visually separate that from the Bible Search elements.

Other than that youíve done a wonderful job at incorporating the script into your site. I really like it.

Danny Carlton (

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