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Code Appearing where it should not
Mar. 8th, 2005   11:41pm


Thank you for your great script.  I am having a problem that I can not figure out:

My phpBible setup is at http://www.echoesofcalvary.org/bible

1.  You will see at the bottom of the page in the credit section  has a ? where it should not be.

2.  When you click on a word it brings up the Lexicon fine.  However, where there is suppose to be an X to close the window, all I see is the code.  Also sometimes after the word you will see some code.

I have gone over your scripts to find the error, but could not find it.  Hoping you can help.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times with the same errors.  I have even re-downloaded the script.



Noel (

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