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Feb. 18th, 2006   11:16pm

Hello Sir,

     I have a website I would like to put a bible search on, can you help me please.  It is www.floridafamilycouncil.com, send me an e-mail and I will give you the password and username for the website.  I am not good with php I can only use frontpage, my friend helps me with the php but I already have him busy with other things so I was wondering if you could upload it for me.  Eric is my friend from whiterights.info.  He has a bible search from you on his site.  He also set up my invision boards in php which I have the script for if you would like it.  See the forums on my site for a working example.


Thank You in advance,

Britt Trevathan


Britt Trevathan (

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