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phpBible and email a friend feature
Jul. 27th, 2009   8:56pm

Hi Danny,

I am trying to develop a bible site too. I have a php / mysql bible website that has an email feature. I purchased this on ebay. It is how I came across your site - doing a search.

I saw a post from someone inquiring about this. One function of the email feature does not work - email a chapter to a friend - everything else works fine though. The reason I decided to post this after looking at your script and forums, is this, there is no copyright notice, origination of the code or anything. I have contacted the seller about, what I suspect, is a minor problem in the coding and have received no reply. I suspect this might be someone else’s shareware and it is being sold.

So, I was wondering if you would be interested in looking at it: 1 - to see if you know where this is from. 2 - if it is free/shareware, can you use some of it in your coding (and make the "email a chapter" function work) and 3 - (I don’t know a whole lot about the software side of ’copyrights’ , etc.) if it’s ethical to use it. The site as I received it is www.openbibleforum.com. (My domain and graphics) The seller on ebay is selling this package again under the name ebiblesearcher.com [again] - This is why I have suspicions.

Could you kindly let me know about this. I can be reached at Admin@openbibleforum.com or the email with this post.

Thank you,


settogo2 (

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