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radio station
Dec. 15th, 2004   1:16pm

Good afternoon Danny!!

I found this website through the link you posted on your CAH website!!  You really are amazing!!  And BUSY!!!

I am writing to tell you about a new Christian radio station in my area.  Itís Z104.1 WHRZ in Spartanburg, SC.  It is broadcast from First Baptist Spartanburg.  It is a positive alternative to the normal hip hop, rap, r&b, pop, and heavy metal stations.  The target group for this station is 13-29, but I am a 33 year old mom of 3 boys and it has been such a blessing to me.   I love the variety of music that they play, I rarely ever listen to any other station, except maybe to catch a traffic update, or the local news.  The biggest problem with this station is that the broadcast area is only about 10 square miles, so it presents a problem when traveling outside the listening area.  But the good news is that it is available on the internet, and I can listen at work!!!  YIPPPPEEEEE!  The website address is www.z1041.org, and the link to be able to listen online is .  I hope you consider using this radio station as a link.  Maybe, just maybe, one lost person will come to know Christ as his/her Lord and Saviour.  Thanks for your time.


Dana A. Brown (

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