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URGENT information to Danny Carlton personally
Mar. 26th, 2005   3:54pm

Western Australian Standard Time 04hrs 52min

20 minutes ago I posted the following on what turned out to be a Blog, hence possibly Danny C. will not receive and take opportunity to act to contact David Gibbs. I will continue to myself attempt to contact the Schindlersí legal rep.



this was posted:

to Danny Carlton (aka "Jack Lewis")

I am a NZr (retired teacher and observatory assistant) resident in W. Australia since 1969. Midday today WAST I sent email to most of the senators and congress noted on the main Schiavo website.

The content of my brief mail was that since Terri Schiavo is de facto the receiver of a DEATH SENTENCE, then possibly she can equally receive a PARDON from ... a Governor and President!  ?

I directed identical mail also to Florida Governor Jeb Bush. also to President Bush.

Clearly this belief I have is a SIMPLIFICATION of current circumstance of Terri Schiavo.

It could be productive, despite the reality that she is close to death.

IF your editorial staff receive this today SATURDAY 26 / SUNDAY 27 March 2005 please assist to relay the concept (above) to the Schindler family lawyer, Mr. David Gibbs.


isobel nikoloff

6 peoples avenue
gooseberry hill western australia 6076
tel +61892931865 mobile 0416 967 987   and  0416 967 989

PS    information / request sent to your news service with positive belief in your likely active assistance
PPS my mother suffered death by dehydration in nz hospital 1992, possibly without justification

isobel nikoloff (

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