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Top Story Sites Invitation
Oct. 9th, 2005   7:35pm
 just came across your site, and invite you to join;
 Top Story Sites www.topstorysites.com - this is a new top site list that will only be open to story related sites (mostly by invitation) I think its time that we who are passionate about reading and telling stories developed a unique list of specific Top Story Sites and I would love for you to add your site to this list.
And Or
Story Resources Directory  http://www.storyresources.com/links/index.php - is for anything relevant to children’s stories (i.e sites , products or resources which can be used to promote, enhance or teach stories) and I believe your site would be suitable. There are different categories where you can add your site, please choose the most appropriate so the visitors will find you 
You can add your link to both the topsites and the directory if you wish to.
You can find links at my site  Story  Resources.com, as you will see this list has only just opened and it looks like it will be popular. I hope you add your site. There’s also a links page you can add your site to as well.
Carolyn Hogg (

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