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Install Script errors
May. 19th, 2004   1:26pm


Iím "refurbishing" my congregationís website, and really looking forward to integrating the phpBible into CWIAB (ChurchWebInABox).  CWIAB is an open source phpNuke "distribution" that is a real time saver in integrating several phpNuke modules into one package.  You might want to hook up with the guys at http://www.shef.ca/projects/cwiab/   

My problems with installation of phpBible have "mostly" been undefined variables in the install.php module.  I solved most of by just hard-coding that install vars into the install.php.  I still get quite a few even then, the first time I attempt to login. 

I was wondering if there was anything special about a Win2k evnironment that the install might be getting some heartburn over. 

Any thoughts?


chuck (

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