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Radio Jesus link failed (Th.2Aug07)
Aug. 2nd, 2007   11:35am

On my page of browser add-ons/plugins at http://www.harrold.org/rfhextra/plugins.html , I have some links to free streaming online radio, TV, video media web sites.  I have had your "Radio Jesus" iframe on the page for some time.  It works well.  However; today, when I wanted to listen to Jay Sekulow, I received the following error message  (other "Radio Jesus" links that I tried worked OK.)

Real Player is unable to access this clip.  It may be in use by another application , or the file location specified may be incorrect or out of date.

XML: No tag type near line 10: <a title=íVisit Akamaií href=><img border=></a> <div> <p style=íline-height: 1.6

Robert Harrold (

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