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re: phpBible
Jun. 1st, 2004   7:09am

I try to send this to you via your site so youíll be sure to get it.

Youíve deleted the {{RESULTS LEFT}} section in the _template_main.htm file but left the configuration settings to display the verses in that section. Youíll need to either change that in the admin section, or change {{RESULTS LEFT}} to {{RESULTS RIGHT}} in the _template_main.htm file. Even then Iím not sure how the Strongís popup will work. The reason I made the two paned look was so that when the definition is shown it didnít block the verses. Currently, if using IE the definition is displayed via a DIV containing an iFrame. (NS, Opera and Mozilla simply popup a window), and the DIV canít be moved (it also wonít disappear if you need to bring the phpBible window to the top, which is why I used it).

I really didnít design phpBible to work as a popup since more often than not there will be a lengthy list of verses to go through, and a full page is easier to work with. Using the full page also allows you to use both panes and place notices, comments, etc. in the pane the definition pops up over.

I like your initiative. And Iím glad youíre using it.


Danny Carlton (

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