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re: Install Timing out
Jun. 25th, 2004   7:13am

You must have a really slow server.

Hereís what youíll need to do.

1. Open install/populate_db.php in a text editor, one that wonít insert formatting (like MS word) just a simple one (like notepad. I prefer NoteTab myself)

2. immediately after the <?php on the next line insert set_time_limit(300); making sure itís on a line by itself.

3. save the file and do the same for install/populate_db2.php (just in case)

4. re-install from the beginning.

This will extend the normal 30 seconds to 300 (or 5 minutes). If for some reason that isnít enough repeat the process with a higher number.

Youíll need to keep in mind that if the install is timing out, running the script may not work very well. I have a server set up on my home computer and that particular script (install/populate_db.php) takes about 4 to 5 seconds.

Danny Carlton (

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