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Version 1.05 now available
Aug. 21st, 2004   1:15pm

Version 1.05 (files changed: index.php, template_main.htm, install/populate_db.php, install/phpBible_av.dat)

ž Fixed missing first word in verse on word search. (words appearing at the beginning of a verse were being ignored by mysql matching. I added a criteria which includes them, but does slow the search down to a minor degree)
ž Made minor modification display of main template. (The cursor changes to the ’help’ cursor when the mouse arrow is over the help links in IE)
ž Fixed error that seems to creep into data file (magically appearing line breaks)
ž Added "url for this page is ..." feature
ž Fixed bug with book name being highlighted in verse display.
ž Fixed bug with ’Hebrew 13:8’ not working (it should be Hebrews, but Hebrew is a predictable misspelling. This requires refreshing the database)
ž Fixed bug with ’1Timothy 1’ (no space between the ’1’ and ’Timothy’. A predictable misspelling. This and the previous "bug" are really efforts to make the script more intuitive.)
ž Added extra page links at the bottom of results
ž Corrected error of ’next 20>’ when there really were less than 20. (Thanx to my son Samuel for pointing out this and the previous one)

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