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Just installed tonight
Jan. 6th, 2006   9:27pm

Well, I finally got around to installing phpBible and so far it looks like everything went great. Iím still working on the templates so I havenít made it public yet on my site. I do have one question. One of the projects that has long been a dream of mine and Iíve recently begun is writing my own Bible Commentary. Is there any problem with me interfacing this commentary with the phpBible program? (Of course, thatís if I can figure out a simple means of doing so. Like so many others I know just enough about php to get me into a lot of trouble.) Anyway, I did want to thank you for providing this. Iím looking forward to getting a lot of use from it.


Russ Hjelm (

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    Russ Hjelm: Just installed tonight (Jan. 6th, 2006   9:27pm)

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