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Install Problem/Error
Feb. 7th, 2006   7:12pm
I found your site after days of searching for a KJV (ONLY) script and really like the way it works on your site and would like to say you have done a wonderful job. I am sure God will bless you for creating such an amazing script to allow his word to reach around the electronic world, as he has told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. I have been trying to install your script for a couple days now and for some reason when filling in the information on the config.php page, I get a blank page every time I submit it. It does not appear to create the sql database or if I create the database manually, it appears that the installation fails and returns me to the same config.php. I also noticed that when setting the permissions that wordcount.php does not exist. Can you help me with the installation. Thanks in advance for your help.
Ted (

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