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Some Text Is Changed
Aug. 23rd, 2006   1:57am
Danny, I appreciate all the work you have done here with this phpBible. It is very useful - however I have noticed some words have been changed, and was wondering if you plan on editing them back to the KJV? The word I am referring to is the word "shew" - it has been changed to "show" about 218 times - and from what I can recall, show does not appear in the KJV. I was looking up a familiar passage, and I noticed the spelling had been changed, so I did a search. I started checking out the references in Genesis and Exodus, and all the ones listed as "show" were actually supposed to be "shew". These words do not mean the same thing. Shew means to proclaim, show basically means to present something visibly. Yes, in some passages they would be the same, but in many places they are not. I hesitate using this program now because of this change, and was wondering if you could fix it in your next version, and when that might be? Thank you.
Jerry Bouey (

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