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re: re: Some Text Is Changed
Aug. 24th, 2006   4:10am

Thank you. This Bible is such an excellent tool, but that caused me some concern - expecially because we have it loaded up on our website now (though not linked to yet). If this is the only problem and is something you are looking into fixing, if possible, then I donít have a problem using this tool - I would just add a note or comment on the page it loads up in that this one word is different, so that they are aware of it.

Another concern I have (which is minor overall) is that I have noticed some typos in a few of the Strongís entries. Is this something that can be edited by me? If so, I could just edit it as I notice anything like that. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which entries they were. This is not a big thing at all - as I would certainly use it regardless, and could just edit it as I copy/paste those entries that may have typos - but if I could go through the entries on my site and proofread them, then it would deal with them once for all. (I spend a lot of time proofreading/editing studies and books online, so this is something that I habitually notice - whereas others may not even see it normally. And please donít take that as criticism for this program, as with any text, there is bound to be some errors or typos somewhere. - I hope that came across the right way - thatís just my nature, not a reflection on others.)

Jerry Bouey (

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