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Had to change server now the bible lookup doesnít work
Apr. 28th, 2007   6:21pm

This bible Lookup is one of the best script I ever saw, I recently had to change server due to a shutdown.  I Made a tarball of the directory and installed per_beta on new server I thought I was in luck for the  new server gave me the same name so the database name, database username was the same, I upload the sql data from a export from the other server without a hitch ran the program the program came up ok tryed to run a search and the screen just refreshed no output from the search, no obvious errors. Iím against the wall, donít know what to try now the php version is 5.1.6 running the mysql is ver 5.0.27.  Anyone have any Ideas on what is causing this problem.  Also the login script on the admin and index was taken out like recomended in another post I had to take it out to get it to run on the other server and worked fine.


David Thomas (

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