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Introducing phpAV -- The next generation of online Bible
Jul. 17th, 2007   10:36pm

Finally, a searchable Online Bible for your website, that stays on your website!

Completely free!! ē Easy to install (just a few lines of code!) ē Did we mention itís FREE!!

1. Sign up for an account
So you can customize the look of your Bible Search

2. Copy the code
Seriously itís just a few lines

3. Paste the code on a page on your site
No kidding, thatís all there is to it!

PhpAv is an effort to fill the void on the internet for functional, available Bible searches, just as its predecessor phpBible.org attempted to also fill that void. PhpAV takes the functionality of phpBible.org and extends it to those unable to install the full script and database.  PhpAV utilizes javascript in the client side to deliver the userís requests to the PHP scripts that then retrieves the data from a mySQL database and return it to the javascript for display. Google uses a similar technique in their Google Coop. 

The benefit of such a technique is that the full power of the search can be delivered to any page on any site, making the Bible even more accessible than ever.

Danny Carlton (

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