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re: re: Search and Admin Login
Oct. 2nd, 2008   11:12am

Hi I don’t know if maybe you are having the same problem as me or not. I edited the index.php file and added the following lines.

$begin = $_GET[’begin’];
$keyword = $_GET[’keyword’];
$section = $_GET[’section’];
$lexicon = $_GET[’lexicon’];
$p_display = $_GET[’p_display’];

For some reason my host isn’t processing his script correctly. I have installed it on a php 4, as I had problems on php 5. I still am having some problems with the lexicons.

I noticed in my testing that my host wasn’t picking up the GET variables. The broblem I am now having is it isn’t picking up the $num for the lexicon. I haven’t figured out how to set this manually though.

If you have any ideas this would be appreciated. I hope that I may have helped you as well.

Matthew Jenne (

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