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Daily Reading Schedule - Read 2 chapters
Jun. 7th, 2009   10:44pm

Hi There, I was trying to set up a daily reading page on my site, but this daily schedule would require reading more than one chapter per day. When I try to do a search for say "Gen 1-3", the Bible script only shows chapter 1. Is there any way to make this show more than one chapter. If not, this might be a good addition in the future.

I am also having some problems changing the way the Bible is displayed. I want the URL to be "index.php?view=Bible". I have got it so the verses and search functions seem to work correctly, but for some reason, the Lexicons no longer work. Any Ideas?

You can see what I have so far at http://www.evangelismtools.org/index.php?view=Bible

Any help is appreciated.

Matthew Jenne (

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