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Difficulty Installing phpBible
Oct. 7th, 2013   12:39pm


My name is Sol, and I am trying to install phpBible on my Uncle’s site, which is located at www.haveagoodday.ca.

I am trying to install phpBible on a web server that hosts my site. I have ran the install.php script from my web browser, and am failing to get past Step 1. Apparently, the web script is not generating any error logs.

I notice that in the URL section the field is automatically filled with the following: http:///  . I have tried it with the usual 2 backslashes and the other way with 3. Neither seems to work.

Also, with our current server set-up, we have the site set up on a server that does not run php, and are using a sub-domain to redirect to the server that runs php and mySQL so we can get it running before it goes live. Does this info help in identifying the problem?

I hope so, because I don’t know where else the problem could lie. Other sites have successfully installed and are using it.

Thanks for any help and assistance!



Sol (

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