Memorite Rogue

Possessing an almost perfect memory as well as the ability to receive and process information as fast as any computer, the members of the Memorite Society are held in awe and sometimes fear, by society. When a bullet takes the life of Memorite and college professor Todd Engstrom, local police and the Memorite Society conclude that the murder could only have been committed by a Memorite, yet the Memorite Society assure police that no Memorite would have done such an act. But they fail to mention one Memorite who may have faked his death after becoming insane. Police detective Kevin Gould and Memorite Laura Wynn investigate the murder, but uncover dark secrets that could potentially destroy the Memorite Society.

To make matters worse, Laura Wynn discovers that she is falling in love with Detective Gould, which causes her to begin to lose her abilites.

Memorite Rogue is full of twists and turns, which will leave you constantly wondering who is on which side, until finally, it all comes together, or maybe you just think it does.

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Earth Suit

They had spent a hundred years carving a peaceful existence out of one of the harshest planets in the galaxy…will visitors from Earth ruin it all?...

Life on Glissful was safe. They’d managed to learn how to live with such a harsh planet melding their technology with the planet’s resources and dangers. Life on Earth had not gone so well. Starvation and poverty were rampant, but their technology far exceeded that of Glissful.

It was 2266 and Earth was coming to take from Glissful everything it had. But Glissful had a secret, a technology Earth had long abandoned to the lower caste and servants. Except on Glissful it had been perfected. Could it be enough?

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Emotional Energy

Learn to control, manage and utilize your emotions to target goals you never thought you could accomplish.

  • Build your Emotional Fortress
  • Rev up your Emotional Engine!
  • Construct an Emotional Bulwark
  • Be an Emotional Lighthouse
  • ...and much, much more.

Finally learn the secret known by successful people for thousands of years!

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Liberal Logic: 101

You enjoyed the memes. You laughed at the jokes. You shared the humor. Now find it all, plus a lot more in the Official Liberal Logic: 101 ebook!

In the book you'll find a guide to the history of Modern Liberalism, how it formed, why it formed and why Liberal Logic has become the warped, insane, illogical nonsense we see and laugh at today.

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